Managed Hosting and Website Care

Managed hosting is there to keep your website running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it.

What is Website Care & Managed Hosting?

In the old days (few years back), a website developer would create a website for a price and hand it over to the client who was then responsible for that website.
These days there is a better way. WordPress is a versatile content management system which functions behind the scenes of a website. The Theme sits above and provides the look, while WordPress provides the functionality.
Because of this, your website needs to be updated regularly, including all the plugins that provide the different functions. If not, the website will crash.
This is where managed hosting comes in.

Software Updates

I update the software and plugins keeping them up to date to minimise security risks and ensure the website remains stable.

Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is the backbone of the website, making sure it is running smoothly and your website has no downtime.


There will be people trying to access your website for many reasons. Having security is paramount, especially if it is your business.

Off Site Backups

Sometimes things go wrong and we can’t always prevent that, but having a backup and a procedure to restore your data is important when money depends on it.

technical Support

Sometimes you may have questions, or things you might like to change on your website. Your business grows you may want your website to do more. Having a person to call or email makes a difference.

Things you may forget

When you decide to do it yourself there are fees to pay to keep your website running, such as hosting fees and the registrar for the website name. You may be busy and forget, so having someone take care of it for you can give you peace of mind.