Why is a website better for your business than a facebook page?

You have a Facebook page, and maybe that’s really all you need, right?
Think again.

Whether it’s an online portfolio, a simple website with a blog or something more complicated, all businesses need a website in this day and age. Surprisingly, many small businesses don’t have one.

A website will be your business’s home on the internet. It is how people will find you, it will afford you more control over things like advertising and messaging, and it is where you will conduct business with online customers. In short, it is a second storefront, and likely one that’s more visible than your physical one.

One of the main reasons you should have a website is to increase the visibility and credibility of your business or organisation. There may be more than one business in your area providing the same services, and a website gives a great first impression. It provides information about your company and services, and puts you ahead of the competition.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, force you into a limited box of their design, even if your business doesn’t fit. With your own website, you have the freedom to do more and represent your business in the ways you choose. You can break out of the box and build a design that works with your business. You can add an online store or a forum, or become a membership website. You create the rules.

A large portion of your website traffic will come from search engines, also referred to as "organic search". A search engine optimised website can bring you much more business than a Facebook page, because you can target the keywords frequently used in these searches. This kind of optimisation cannot be done with a Facebook page.

It is good to remember that only Facebook users can access a Facebook page, but a website can be seen by everyone.

Having that one place for prospective customers to find you, a place that you have total control over, is incredibly important in today’s digital world. It is your chance to begin turning those interested and prospective customers into paying customers.

And that means everything for your business.

So yes, your business needs a website.