Hosting a website

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Which type of hosting is right for you?

Managed hosting

Managed Hosting means you’re not left to fend for yourself. I look after the website, making sure it’s up and working, and I also handle the software updates and licenses. If there are technical problems, I will get you up and running, which means you don’t have to worry and can concentrate on your business.

Type of hosting

Believe it or not, the type of website and desired traffic for a website will dictate the best hosting plan. Not all hosting plans are the same. You could end up paying way too much for your needs or not get the service you desire.

Your website should scale as your business grows

I will update your website as your business grows, change it to keep pace, and be there when you want to talk about where you want the website to go next. A website is a marketing tool that can be used, rather than a static presence. 

Let's talk about options!