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I design, manage & host clean responsive websites.

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A website does so much more for your business than a facebook page.

I see many local businesses with a facebook page but no actual website. While this may seem to be smart as it's free. You are just helping facebook and not your business.

Showcasing a business online

These days, there are many ways to build and update a business website, but not all are the same. Not knowing the difference can cost you money you thought you were saving.

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Not all Hosting plans are the same, and not all providers give you the options you need.

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The Process

To create the best possible website, I don’t rush the process. It can be up to a month from our first chat to the website going live. I will also monitor your website for the first three months, and then provide an audit report on its SEO rankings and where any improvements can be made.

  1. Discovery

    It all starts with a conversation. I want to know who you are and what your business is about, what you would like the website to do for you, and how I can best provide the results you seek. We will talk about your customers and competitors, what kind of tone your website should have and what your website needs to say to convert visitors into customers.

  2. Design

    This is where I take what I learned from the discovery phase and create a sitemap. I look at user interface and user experience (the website journey), branding, copy, photos, website structure and accessibility. At this stage, I make sure the website is optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation).

  3. Development

    The development phase is where the website is actually built, using up to date best practice to make sure any future changes can be achieved easily. I will adjust images and internal links for good SEO. I will make sure it looks great on a tablet or phone. Before the final launch, we will review each page and make any changes you require.